Reviews are in for Harrison David Rivers’s SWEET.

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via Review: Sisters at War in “SWEET,” a Triangle Amid ’60 Tulmult

The National Black Theatre opens its 48th season with the premiere of Harrison David River’s colorful play, Sweet. Making her NYC directorial debut is Raelle Myrick-Hodges.

Sweet paints the lives of three Midwesterners from Kansas in the late 60’s. The Baker sisters- Nina (Renika Williams) and Retha (Maechi Aharanwa) have always bonded over folding clothes on their porch under the blazing summer sun while dreaming of snowflakes melting on their tongue. Once their mother unexpectedly passes away and their neighbor George (Tre Davis) comes home from college in the city, the Baker sisters’ relationship begins to weaken.

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The show runs until November 20th.

@ National Black Theatre
2031 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10027