Chicago’s Windy City Playhouse presents Sassy and Satirical BOOTYCANDY

BOOTYCANDY (l to r) Actor Four (Osiris Khepera) and Actor Two (Travis Turner)

The Windy City Playhouse kicks off its 2017 season with a bang. Playwright and director Robert O’Hara offers Chicago a premiere of his semi-autobiographical play BOOTYCANDY — a hilariously frank, wildly unpredictable tale of growing up. Originally produced at the Playwrights Horizon in 2014, BOOTYCANDY is a sharp satire featuring a precocious boy learning what it means to be gay and Black. With everyone trying to teach him the ways of life, he’s learning fast that no one person will be able to tell him the meaning of love, life, sex or race. He’ll have to define those for himself.

According to Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune actor Travis Turner, playing the surrogate for O’Hara, is a highlight in the production:

“The O’Hara alter ego is called Actor Two, and he’s played by Travis Turner, in a sardonically distinguished performance. Turner tracks a character who moves from cipherlike acceptance of his lot to furious reparation-seeking aggression.”

BOOTYCANDY is produced by Windy City Playhouse and runs through April 15 at 3014 W. Irving Park Road in Chicago. For more information call (312) 891-8985 or go the website

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