Philanthropist says Philanthropy needs more “Black Anger.”

“Black anger has often stoked the flames of progress in this country. Philanthropy, however it manifests itself  – a national institution, a small family foundation, or individual donors with or without significant wealth  – would be well served to embrace it.” – Rodney D. Foxworth, Jr.

Rodney Foxworth, Jr. is Founder and CEO at Invested Impact, a Baltimore-based nonprofit that is self-described as “part consulting firm, part ‘think-do tank,’ and part venture philanthropy fund.” His firm, Invested Impact, collaborates with individuals, families, and institutions to enable the greatest social and economic change with their charitable and investment resources. An emerging thought leader in community economic development, philanthropic innovation, racial justice, and social entrepreneurship, his writing has appeared in the  Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Brew, Urbanite Magazine, Baltimore City Paper, Metro US, and Orlando Weekly, among numerous publications.

In this linked blogpost from last year, Foxworth has some thoughts for African Americans nonprofit leaders and those in charitable giving. They are provocative but very timely.

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