CALL TO ACTION: Robert Macbeth, Founder of New Lafayette Theatre, threatened with homelessness

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In 1967, actor and director Robert Macbeth opened the New Lafayette Theatre as one of the new revolutionary homes for Black Theatre that cropped up in Harlem. The theater had a vibrant acting studio, incorporated a Black revolutionary philosophy and became the artistic home of playwright Ed Bullins until its closure in 1972.
Robert Macbeth (Bearded man in the white shirt) and NLT company members. (1967)
Today, Robert Macbeth lives in Miami in a single room. The owner of the house has asked him to leave within the next month (July). Presently, Macbeth is attempting to find alternative accommodations, but he has very little money for a deposit. A GoFundMe page has been created to receive donations
Please consider contributing to this effort. Your generosity could help a fellow artist find a dignified place to live as a more permanent solution is being worked out. Thank you.