“Census of Black Theatre” to be taken

In recent years, Black Theatres have been impacted from all sides. Many have closed at an alarming rate. Some have found their hard-earned stability shaken by the impact of the Great Recession while others have weathered the last decade coming out stronger in the end. Most recently, after a report from the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, conversations have begun within the philanthropic community around the viability of funding small and mid-sized culturally-specific theatres, museums and dance companies.
It seems as if everyone is talking about us and our circumstances. The only voices NOT heard in this debate is ours.
Therefore, it is important that we take a census of the field of Black Theatre. This critical survey aims to capture the accurate picture of our status. To do so, it’s critical to get the reactions of administrative leaders such as yourself. We seek those producing and presenting Black Theatre as professional, pre-professional and community institutions answer the attached survey. This study is designed to capture a more accurate impression of the conditions these organizations are dealing with across the United States and Canada. We are encouraging you to participate so we may have the knowledge needed to combat misinformation and distortion. Thank you.